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8/23/2009 Invitation for my first B'day
I invited all ( sorry couldn't invite all the 6,706,993,152 number people in this world) to my B'Day party today to be held on Oct 3rd 2009 at CVS community center.
My Doctor's Visit 8/3/2009
I had my 9th-10th month doctor's check up today. 

My Weight was : 17.40 (40th percentile)
My Height was : 29 inches (75th percentile)
My Head circumference: 44 cm 

I had the last dosage of Hep B virus injection along with the other regular dosage.
My First Piercing July 11th 2009
I had my ear peirced on today at Piercing pogoda. I didn't cry at all when they poked my ears.
July 4rth 2009. Happy Independence day
On this day we went to visit the Amish village , PA , Lanchestor outlets, PA and while returning back we saw the fireworks at Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD
June 29th 2009. Another tragedy in our Family

Pramod grand uncle passed away today. Again I was not fortunate to see him in person.

5/5/2009- 7th Month Doc Visit

Checked with Dr.Malkovich office for my 7th month vaccination.  

My Weight : 15.12 lbs (40th percentile)
My height : 26.1 inches (50th percentile) 

The PNP recommended Tynelol Flu for medicine if there is a fever. 

Pentacel (Polio)
Pentacel (Hib, Type b)
Prevnar(Pnemococcal Conjugate)

Weight and height numbers are low.

4/1/2009-My First Solid food Taste
I had my first solid food taste ( Oat meal cereal)
March 21st 2009 1:30 pm - My First tummy time on my Own
I was able to do tummy time of my own strength .
2/27/2009 - My 4th month vaccination
Checked with Dr.Malkovich office for my fourth month vaccination. It was like two weeks late from the schedule. They gave me the second term of the same regular dosage of vaccination. 

My Weight : 14.1 lbs ( 50th percentile)
My height  :  25.2 inches ( 70th percentile)

Everything went very well . The PNP recommended Tynelol Flu for medicine if there is a fever.

My solid will start after 6 months. Recommendation of having more tummy time excercise.
1/16/2009- A day when everything stopped.
Jejema or my great grandmother which I had a dream to see breathed her last today early morning aroung 4:00 am. I have heard so much about her how she means to my mother could not hold long before I could see her. We had several plans in Feb of this year to go and see but couldn't happen. She was 79 yeard old.

We had to observe here the 11 days of mourning. I had a short glimpse of her on web cam when they took her for creamation at Satyanagar,BBSR.
But she was a great inspiration for my mother and will be for me too and I will continue to here about her as I grow up.

May her soul rest in peace. 

The funeral and mourning was done in grand way in BBSR with hundreds for people coming all around the corner of places from Orissa.
1/1/2009 -Happy New Year
Wish you a very very prosperous new year 2009 and great suprises ahead. 

Our New year did not go that well as dad , mom and me had severe viral infection. I was admitted to Shady Grove emergency hospital. They took my blood and urine for culture . Luckily the results came out to be ok with the doctors recommending Tylenol Fever .

Dad had severe throat infection that stayed nearly 2 weeks . Mom was on antibiotic before it could get cured. I cannot have medicine as I was too little to have any kind other than Tylenol  drops for infant.
12/31/2008, New Years's Eve.
Wish ya ll a very happy prosperous new year 2009. Today we all family members just stayed home and watched the ball for the New York times Square as all the three of us were sick with sore throat, running nose , fever and rashes. I don't where the virus came from , may be dad at work or from some party.

I suffered the most as I cannot take any medicine or have any treatment . Here they don't prescribe any medications for babies less than 4 months.

12/05/2008 Doctors Appointment (Two months)

*Weight: 10 lb and 11 oz (4.85 kgs)

The ideal weight for this age is approx. 4.95 kgs(10.91 lbs). Between 8.1 lbs -13.2 lbs

Height :22.5 inches

The ideal / healthy height range for this age is between 20.1 inches - 24.0 inches.

Vaccination taken
Polio (inactivated or injected vaccine (IPV) )
DTaP (protects against diptheria tetanus and pertussis)
Hib (protects against haemophilus influenzae type b)
PCV (pneumococcal conjugate vaccine protect against serious pneumococcal infections)
Rotavirus (Severe diarrhea)
*Rotavirus vaccine had a negative effect , may be I have to skip this in the next dosage.

11/27/2008 , First Thanksgiving
I celebrated my first thanksgiving at Jantipa aaiyee's house.
11/5/2008, Doctor Check Up
Weight measured: 8.152 lb or 3.697 Kgs (> 55th percentile)

Length : 20.6 (< 50th percentile)

Need tummy time excercise. Warm massage needed on the left eye. Medicine for yeast formation on tongue. Hepatitis B (dosage 2) was given today . Rest seems to be all fine.
11/4/2008, 11:00 p.m History Created in America
With Sanvi's 33 days completion , Nov 4th 2008 11:00 pm History was also created in this greatest nation when Senator Barack Obama , first black african american was elected as the 44th President .
10/30/2008, On completion of 30 days.
We went to IHOP for dinner. Jantipa aaiye and her family joined us.
10/28/2008: Checked with Doctor (Misha martin)
I checked my condition with doctor Misha martin (who coincidently is a Patnaik clan) and she said everything is fine as far as fever and congestion is concerned. Left eye is getting better. Under Observation. 


Weight : 7.14 lbs or 3.24 kg(now I am on the 45th percentile group, increased from 5th)
10/26/2008, Well I am having fever since today morning.
I am being observed every three hours for my temperature.
10/24/2008 , Doctor Check up (Pediatrician)
Results : Weight gained to 7.06 lbs or 3.2 kg

Prescription : Eye Drop for the left eye infection . under observation. (tear gland infection). Not seen yet in the right eye yet. Erythromycin
10/24/2008 , My 21 days Completion ( or what we call as ekuwisha )
Today I have completed my 21 days since my birth and I will be celebrating it at Siva Vishnu Temple , lanham , MD . The pictures or any short videos will be in the Audio and video sections.

***********E K U W I S H A***********************
I am having formula food , Similac early Shield (advance EHA/DRA) since birth along with mama's milk
Went to ENT doc appointment for check up and the doctor said everything is fine. We will see after a year
12:00 p.m October 13th , Monday

Today I had my navel that connects to umbilical cord come out . I can show belly button now. Great!

10:00 a.m October 13th , Monday
I successfully latched to my mom today. Before I couldn't do this properly.
10/3/2008;3:55 am

I had my first vaccination - Hepatitis B, Shady Grove Hospital, Rockville, MD

Born on October 03, 2008
Shady Grove Adventist hospital , 3:46 am
10/5/2008:My first day home

I entered home on 10/5/2008, Ethel Rose way, Boyds, MD

My first smile
My first meal
My first word
My first crawl
My first birthday
My first step
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